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AGA Servicing & Maintenance near York

Receive instant peace of mind that your appliance will be in perfect working order as your servicing will be carried out by an expert.

AGA Servicing & Maintenance: Services

Address small issues before they turn into bigger ones!

By servicing your AGA cooker regularly, and replacing parts affected by regular wear and tear, this will help prevent the need to replace more expensive components at a later date. More importantly, it ensures your AGA is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Get in touch to discuss any of the following services we offer:

  • Oil AGA cookers

  • Gas AGA cookers  

  • Part replacements

  • Full servicing 

  • AGA repairs 

  • Replace boilers

  • Internal part replacements 

  • AGA boiler removal and replacement 

  • Safety tests

Each model of cooker must be serviced or repaired in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

What will happen during your AGA service?

  • A visual appliance check

  • All safety controls and thermostats checked

  • Burners checked and cleaned along with injectors

  • Flues and flue ways checked and tested

  • Gas pressure checked

  • Risk assessment on oil tanks as well as cleaning of oil filters

  • Ventilation checked for correct sizing

  • Fans are checked and cleaned for safety and efficiency

  • Lids and doors checked for alignment

*Please note, appliances must be turned off the night before so they are cold for the service.

If you'd like to find out more about our AGA servicing in the Malton area, please give us a call on
01944 758957

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