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AGA Reconditioning & Installation in the Malton area

We're here to help during AGA upgrades and installations. It is important that when removing an appliance or giving your AGA a makeover, that it is carried out by a qualified, competent engineer.

AGA Reconditioning & Installation: Services

AGA Installation & Removal

We can relocate and reinstall your AGA exactly to your specifications, whilst making sure that it works flawlessly.

In fact, you can also get it reconditioned before it’s installed at your new property. Simply get in touch to find out more about how we can breathe new life into the cornerstone of your kitchen!

Contact us for a quote. 

Is your AGA Cooker beginning to look a bit tired and run down?

​Let us recondition your AGA, upgrading aspects to make it work with your new kitchen and making it look as good as new.

  • Replacement of front plates and lids

  • AGA Upgrade – Oil to 13 amp electric

  • Cooker rebuilds  

  • Conversion from oil to electric AGA (13 amps only) 

  • Safety tests 


If you have an old AGA Cooker that you are looking to have removed contact us on 01944 758957 for more information.

For AGA reconditioning services in the Malton area, please give us a call on 01944 758957

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